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Stories with Intent--The Rich Man and Lazarus
Stories with Intent--I...Me...Mine!
Stories with Intent--The Good Samaritan Part 2
Stories with Intent--The Good Samaritan Part 2
SWI--Starting Small, Becoming Great, and Providing Shelter
Stories with Intent--The Wheat Grows with the Weeds
Stories with Intent--The Kingdom is Like a Growing Seed
Stories with Intent--Shining Little and Loving Less
Stories with Intent--Poisonous Un-forgiveness
Pouring Ourselves Out
The Final Charge Part 2--A Long Obedience in the Same Direction
The Final Charge Part 1--Proclamation
Looking Back or Looking Forward?
Who Needs A Parking Lot?
Ducking and Dodging and Pursuing and Following
Josh Rodriguez
Sharing Faith in Hard Times
Passing The Baton
Our True Servant Identity
A Family That Cares Also Empowers

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