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Summer Inquiry - The Question of Illegal Immigration, Is there a Christian Approach?
Summer Inquiry - What Then Should We Do?
Summer Inquiry - Shall We Go On Sinning?
Summer Inquiry - What Can Separate Us From The Love of God?
Summer Inquiry / Guest Speaker - Come As You ARe
Summer Inquiry - How Can Someone Be Born When They Are Old?
Summer Inquiry - What Good is it to Gain the Whole World?
Summer Inquiry - What Are You Looking For?
Summer Inquiry / Guest Speaker - Reach Out and Touch
Summer Inquiry - Whom Shall I Send?
Summer Inquiry - What Are Good People to Do?
Summer Inquiry - Who Am I and Who Are We?
Predestined for a Purpose
Everything Changes - Change: From East of Eden to the City of God
Everything Changes - The Transforming Power of Change
New Ways for New Life
Everything Changes - How We Do Things Around Here
Everything Changes - Where Our Loyalties Lie
Everything Changes - It’s All East of Eden From Here
“Blessed Are You”

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