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The Gospel of Mark: Praying Our Way to Resurrection
The Gospel of Mark: When Jesus Doesn\'t Fit Our Expectations
Cowboy Sunday Praise Music
The Gospel of Mark: Jesus is Messiah...Finally!
Learn How To Die and Learn How To Live
The Gospel of Mark: Signals Jerry, Signals!
The Gospel of Mark: The Power of a Prophet
The Gospel of Mark: The Listening That Heals
The Gospel of Mark: Proximity Makes For More
The Gospel Of Mark: The Right Foot
The Gospel of Mark: To Already Know The Ending
Guest Speaker--Josh Magyar
The Rhythm of the Christian Life
Truth Speaks to Power - Skullduggery & The Dirty Pool
Truth Speaks to Power - Keeping It Real
Truth Speaks to Power - We Have an Advocate
Truth Speaks to Power - White Whine
Truth Speaks to Power - Father of Righteousness
Truth Speaks to Power - Looking for Life in all the Wrong Places
Truth Speaks to Power - Hurt that makes for Hunger

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